Operations: Past, Present, and Glorious Future

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Charity Majors

Co-founder, CTO of Honeycomb


Forrest Brazeal

AWS Serverless Hero, Sr. Manager at A Cloud Guru

People with infrastructure experience and operational experience like “DevOps Engineer”, “SRE”, “Platform Engineer” have started to see those two skill sets diverge. It’s not very clear what that split means for these skilled technical people as they approach the next phase of their careers.

While movements like “NoOps” try to suggest Ops won’t be needed in the future, the truth is that operational expertise has never been more necessary or critical. Even in a world where we no longer deal with physical servers, a solid infrastructure background can help companies streamline their socio-technical systems to meet business needs. Making that shift successfully means clearly seeing how these trends are evolving and where to plug in to make big impacts.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll cover the many guises of Ops work, picking the right companies, unexpected ways to apply that expertise, and how to make proactive career decisions that get you where you want to be.