The New A Cloud Guru: Exclusive First Look

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Ryan Kroonenburg

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board


Tia Williams

Director of Content Production


Terry Cox

Sr. Vice President of Content

Since A Cloud Guru acquired Linux Academy in December 2019, one question has been on the minds of our millions of learners worldwide: what will this mean for the future of cloud learning?

The new ACG, the future is now. In this on-demand webinar, featuring Ryan Kroonenburg, Tia Williams, and Terry Cox, we'll pull back the curtain on the all-new A Cloud Guru:
  • Get insight into how Linux Academy subscribers get access to A Cloud Guru content, and vice versa.
  • Find out what is happening to the Linux Academy Community Edition.
  • Learn how you can accelerate your cloud success with the new ACG platform.
  • See how our new features will help you and your team learn by doing.
  • Learn when Cloud Playground will be available for ACG individual members.