Managing Kubernetes With Terraform

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Jacquie Grindrod

Developer Advocate at HashiCorp


Taylor Dolezal

Senior Developer Advocate at HashiCorp


Forrest Brazeal

AWS Serverless Hero, Sr. Manager at A Cloud Guru

Kubernetes isn’t the easiest thing to wrangle, especially when you factor in multiple cloud providers. That’s where it helps to have a cloud-agnostic Infrastructure as Code tool like HashiCorp’s Terraform. In this fast-paced on-demand, demo-packed webinar, HashiCorp Developer Advocates Taylor Dolezal, Jacquie Grindrod and Jono Sosulka will show you the power of managing Kubernetes with Terraform:

  • Creating a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform
  • Performing multicloud deployments across Azure and AWS…leveraging the latest Terraform 0.13 features
  • Enhancing your Kubernetes cluster with Consul and Vault Helm charts
  • Exploring how Nomad and Kubernetes complement one another