Moving to A Cloud Guru

Frequently Asked Questions



General Information

  • What’s happening with my organization’s Linux Academy account?
    • All of our Linux Academy customers will be moving to the A Cloud Guru platform. Migration of Linux Academy customers to the ACG platform is an important step towards providing a consistent, world-class experience to all our customers.
    • You may have heard that we’ve already begun migrating our customers on individual plans, while we build the capabilities necessary to seamlessly move our business customers to the ACG platform. We are happy to report that migration is going smoothly and we are ready to start looking ahead to the migration of our business customers.
    • You can view our Resource Center for Administrators here.
    • If you're a Learner, you can view our Learner Resource Center here.
  • When will my organization’s account be migrated?
    • We will begin migrating a small number of business customers to A Cloud Guru in June and then will continue migration throughout the rest of 2021, with a goal of having all our Linux Academy customers on the A Cloud Guru platform by the end of this year. You will hear much more from us about migration in the coming months and will be notified at least 30 days ahead of your organization’s planned migration date with specific timing and details.
    • As you can imagine, migration of our business accounts is complicated and we will be taking many factors into consideration, including size of account, features and reporting data utilized, any integrations that require additional technical work, contract renewal date, and more as we determine timing. If you have questions about your account, please contact your Relationship Manager.
  • How will this affect my organization’s contract and pricing?
    • We have been working to standardize our contracting process since December 2019 when Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru came together. While at a high-level, your contract will not be affected, you can connect directly with your Relationship Manager to answer any specific questions. All customers will move to ACG’s highest tier plan, Business Plus.
    • Please note that subscriptions sold on A Cloud Guru may be subject to applicable transaction taxes such as VAT (Value Added Tax), GST (Goods & Services Tax), or other types of sales tax. The rate applied to your order will be based on local, state and country jurisdiction of your billing address. It may also be based on other factors such as whether it is for business or consumer use.
  • What does Pluralsight’s acquisition of ACG mean for me?
    • We are excited to join forces with Pluralsight to help solve the technical skills gap challenge better than any company has ever been able to before. By bringing together our complementary strengths, learners and organizations will have a single partner to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology. For now, nothing changes. You will continue to be migrated to ACG this year, and can expect to get the same great content, features, service, and support from our team. We will continue to support, maintain and enhance the ACG platform and content catalogs and will have clear integration plans later this year that we will be able to communicate.
  • Will personal data be protected in migration?
    • Yes. Your user data/information will be protected and migrated securely as provided by our Technical Organization Measures (see https://legal.acloudguru.com/policies?name=technical-and-organisational-measures). Your data/information has not been and will not be resold as part of the migration. ACG will continue to respect your rights in your data, and you remain entitled to enforce your rights in your data under CCPA/GDPR if applicable.
  • What will happen to the Linux Academy Platform after migration?
    • We’ve worked hard to bring the best of Linux Academy into A Cloud Guru to make the new ACG the gold standard of cloud learning. By the end of 2021, we expect everyone to be migrated to ACG, and at that time, Linux Academy will be sunset.
  • Are there any organizations or learners who will not be migrated to the ACG platform?
    • Only active organizations (currently in contract) will be migrated to the ACG platform. Additionally, within active organization accounts, only those learners who are currently active in the LA platform will be migrated.


Product and Features

  • What will change about our product experience? For admins? For learners?
    • Our product team is hard at work to see that the most used features available on the Linux Academy platform are available on the A Cloud Guru platform as well (Custom Learning Paths, for example). We will be in regular communication with you to share information and details of changes to the platform experience, including the look and feel of the new dashboard, roles and terminology, and changes to reporting.
    • We will also provide information to support your team members in this transition, including familiarizing them with the look and feel of the A Cloud Guru platform.
  • What features will be different when we migrate to ACG?
    • Some new features available to you are:
      • Skills Assessment - Assess cloud readiness across multiple competencies and know exactly where to start upskilling
      • ACG Original Series - Stay ahead of the cloud technology curve with weekly videos about releases and developments in the always-changing world of cloud.
      • ACG Learning Paths - Go from novice to guru in your chosen specialty. ACG Learning paths cover diverse topics, and there's something for everyone!
      • ACG Community Forum - Get the help you need, when you need it, from industry experts and other learners in the community — and help others in turn.
      • Improved Study Groups - Group learners together so they can support each other and build skills faster. Discussing topics and helping others understand concepts boosts retention and builds camaraderie.
    • Some features that will look a little different or no longer be available to you are:
      • Flashcards
      • Course Notes
      • MP3 Downloads
      • Study Groups that are self-assignable by learners (you still have admin-assigned study groups in ACG!)
      • Linux Academy Learning Paths (although Career Learning Paths are available in ACG and include a diverse set of paths with content for everyone!)
      • Existing data (schedules) from the Course Scheduler feature in LA will not be available in ACG. If desired, you’ll need to recreate schedules.
  • My organization uses Custom Learning Paths:
    • What will happen to our organization’s CLPs?
      • Custom Learning Paths created on or after January 1, 2020 will be brought over from LA to ACG.
      • If the CLP has only full courses, Admins will be able to edit and Learners will be able to take the CLP as normal.
      • If the CLP is modified beyond full courses (ex. uses individual lessons or Hands-On Labs) then they will be migrated over as read-only and can be taken as-is on the ACG platform. The ability to edit these CLP will be implemented later in 2021.
    • When will our Custom Learning Paths be migrated?
      • Full Course Custom Learning Paths will be migrated on your organization’s migration date.
      • Advanced Custom Learning Paths will be migrated after your organization’s migration date, later in 2021.
    • What can I do to prepare my learners for migration if they are currently enrolled in a Custom Learning Path?
      • Learner progress and history on CLPs will be migrated up to your organization’s moving day
    • If learners continue on courses that are part of a CLP, will their progress be reflected when the CLP is migrated over?
      • For all CLPs, progress will be reflected as-is: e.g. learner is at 50% in LA, when migrated they will continue at 50% in ACG.
  • How will migration affect my organization’s data and reporting?
    • Our Product and Engineering teams are currently at work to provide details about what you can expect from organizational data & reporting experience after your account is migrated to A Cloud Guru. We are working directly with customers to understand key reporting requirements and how to meet those needs with ACG reporting.
  • Will there be any changes to content?
    • Since August 2020, all new and updated content is released simultaneously on both platforms, and that will not change with the move to ACG. The majority of courses are available on both platforms.
    • When we combined course catalogs in late 2020, several courses were officially retired from the Linux Academy platform. Based on customer feedback, we kept a few 'legacy' courses available for Linux Academy customers to continue learning. Current Linux Academy customers will continue to have access to retired courses until they move to the ACG platform, at which point the retired courses will no longer be available. Where we felt a replacement was more up-to-date or relevant for our learners, we have made that content available to learners.


Accessing the Platform

  • Once my organization’s account is migrated, how will I access the platform?
    • After your account has been migrated, all admins and learners will receive an email welcoming you to the A Cloud Guru platform! At that point, you will be able to access your dashboards by clicking the link in the email and using the same username and password you previously used on the Linux Academy platform.
  • What will happen if I have a personal account on A Cloud Guru (in addition to my Linux Academy business account)?
    • As part of the migration, your ACG personal account and related data is scheduled to be merged into your account within your employer’s business account. If you do not wish to have your personal account data become part of your employer’s business account (in which case, your personal data would become visible in your employer’s business account), you must opt-out (which will cancel your personal account) before your migration date.
    • If you do not opt-out/cancel your personal account by that date, your personal account data will be merged into your employer’s business account. You can find the opt out form here.

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