What Leaders Need To Know About Cloud Security

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Mark Nunnikhoven

VP, Cloud Research at Trend Micro


Forrest Brazeal 

AWS Serverless Hero, Sr. Manager at A Cloud Guru

Is your business safe in the cloud? The answer is largely up to you. Gartner predicts that 95% of cloud data breaches over the next 5 years will be the customer's fault. The cloud provider is holding up their end of the shared responsibility model, but ultimately you are accountable for what happens to your data.

Watch this free on-demand webinar with Mark Nunnikhoven, AWS Community Hero and VP of Cloud Research at Trend Micro, as he tackles the keys to cloud security that stick:

  • Why "building well" is the foundation of security
  • The importance of automation
  • How incident response work fits into normal operations
  • Shifting your security teams to an educator mindset