Designing for DynamoDB Success

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Alex DeBrie

AWS Data Hero

Author, The DynamoDB Book


Forrest Brazeal

AWS Serverless Hero

Sr. Manager at A Cloud Guru

At first glance, Amazon's DynamoDB doesn't look too different from a familiar relational database -- it's got tables, attributes, and keys. But you'll only unlock its scalability and performance if you use it according to NoSQL best practices.

In this talk, AWS Data Hero and author of the DynamoDB Book, Alex DeBrie, breaks down what makes DynamoDB's abstractions uniquely powerful for your cloud-native applications.

We'll cover the following tips and tricks for DynamoDB success:
  • Single-table design: living in a world without joins
  • Overloading your keys
  • Proper use of secondary indexes
  • Matching your data model to your access patterns