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State of Cloud Learning Report 2020

Learn how others are learning cloud

Plenty of reports highlight the value of cloud learning, but few wade into the nuts and bolts. How are organizations and individual learners actually pursuing cloud learning? Which platforms and skills are they focused on? What obstacles stand in their way, and how are they overcoming them?

We decided to find out, so we reached out to our community and surveyed 20,000 individual learners, as well as 6,000+ cloud learning administrators. We also went spelunking in our platform data to get a sense of how people are actually learning, in addition to how they say they’re learning. And we’ve got some pretty awesome findings.

In this report, you’ll learn how:

  • Cloud certifications and hands-on experience make candidates more attractive
  • Cloud learning helps teams upskill and use cloud services more effectively
  • Time and attention constraints pose the biggest obstacles to cloud learning
  • Organizations and individual learners are navigating multi-cloud learning
  • ...and much more